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At Collins Orthodontics, our goal is to help children, teens and adults achieve and maintain their best smile; a smile that they can be proud of. Our office is conveniently located in Georgetown, Texas across from Frost Elementary and Benold Middle School. We provide efficient, friendly service in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  We take pride in building lasting realationships with our patients and their families.

In addition to traditional metal braces, we offer modern braces, such as:

Clear Braces

Clear braces are a great alternative to metal braces. They move teeth just as effectively, but they are made of translucent material, and therefore less visible. Typically teenagers and adults prefer clear braces due to their cosmetic appeal.

Invisalign/Clear Aligners

If you want straighter teeth without wires or brackets, Invisalign®/clear aligners may be the perfect treatment option for you. Invisalign/Clear aligners are customized for your bite, and gradually move teeth into their proper position. The aligners are made of a durable plastic material, and are comfortable and removable.

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